Order and Subscription Policy

What do I get when I subscribe to the Trade Journal Cooperative?

Each quarter, TJC will mail its members a selected trade journal from a different, niche industry. Your subscription will come complete with a short newsletter which contains market context and commentary from our Editorial Board and guest writers. Our upcoming editions will deliver in August (Summer) 2023 and November (Fall) 2023.

You must be subscribed by the first of the month before the release month to receive the upcoming issue (i.e. by July 1 for our August issue, by October 1 for our November issue). Any subscriptions recieved after 1 AM Eastern Time on this day will receive the following issue (e.g. people subscribed by April 2 will receive the August issue).

Sounds great! How do I subscribe?

Great! We run our subscriptions through Stripe - each quarterly edition of TJC is just $15. You can subscribe by clicking on the button here:

Where do you ship to?

At this time, TJC only ships to addresses within the United States.

Can I return my order?

Unfortunately, all sales are final. However, we only bill our subscriptions on the first of the month prior to the release month (e.g. on January 1 for our February issue). If you've decided that you no longer want to receive TJC, you can cancel your subscription prior to that date by sending an e-mail to with your name and address.

I haven't yet received my order - do you know what the status is?

We announce on Twitter when new issues are shipped out to the membership. Keep an eye out for it then! If it does not arrive in two weeks, drop a line to

My order appears to have been damaged or lost.

We're sorry to hear that! Please contact us within 10 days of receipt, and be sure to include photos of the magazine and the packaging material. If the reason for the damage is on our end, we will promptly replace the item. If loss is due to a USPS error, you can submit a request here.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Drop a line to with your name and address, and we'll go ahead and cancel the subscription. Cancellation requests must be received by the first of the month prior to the release month (e.g. on July 1 for our August issue, on October 1 for our November issue).

How do I change my address?

Customers must contact us immediately at if they have moved from the address registered with their subscriptions. We cannot send replacements if the address is entered or updated incorrectly, or if your mail is being forwarded. Updates to addresses must be received by the first of the month prior to the release date.